Thanks for those who decided to write a review and thanks for all others who have worked with me too!
I feel grateful for everyone who decided to dive deep, reconnect and move on being more aligned.

So much more insights into yourself within one session!
I thought the session was a bit scary, because what can you expect exactly? Lianne quickly put me at ease.
The session was a personal journey through my past. That is not always easy, but it is necessary.
Because of this I have learned to understand myself so much better. Why do I do what I do? What are my patterns? What are my thoughts?
But most of all … Where does this behavior come from? Both positive and negative.
I have gained a lot of insights from one session, which I can now get to work with myself. It was very valuable and brought me so much more rest, even after the session.
I can recommend a Completion Process with Lianne to everyone.
– Iris Plasmans

I have known Lianne for a few years now, but I recently did my first Completion Process session (ever) with her. We went deep to a place that I have felt all my life, but could never really reach. As a result, I have been able to let go of a few things and connect with my inner child.

With her caring, calm, soothing energy and openness to everything that came up, I felt safe enough to be vulnerable and let it be. Very nice to have experienced it like this!

Oowja, she also used essential oils that really added an extra dimension to the experience, which was also very cool !!! In short, a session with Lianne is for sure recommended.

If you would like to ask me about it personally, you can just contact me via facebook: Praaf Rams 😊

I did a session with Lianne, as part of my preparation for the Completion Process Practitioner Training. It was a really intense but beautiful session. I felt much stronger after the session both emotionally and physically as well. Lianne was supporting and had really great ideas how to help me to move forward in certain situations. I am really grateful for the session.

I did a Completion Process session with Lianne. Under the guidance of Lianne’s calm, open, loving and professional attitude I could dive deep into myself and face, receive and change layers. Layers that I otherwise avoid or that I remain unconscious about. This method really appeals to me because you put a feeling, emotion or energy in the light and by staying with it and following the steps, the energy transforms and you get closer to your own self. It is also nice that it is a way that you can always get started yourself. I think it is recommendable 👍🏻🙏🏻

After finishing school I felt really stuck. We’re talking weeks in bed on YouTube forcing myself to eat and shower.

I needed help, and for some reason I visited this page for the first time (after following Teal Swan on Youtube for years) and browsing the practitioners, Lianne’s face stuck with me and I just couldn’t forget it for days. So we set up a meeting, and boy was that transforming!

She has this loving presence and competence that where I have been “in charge” of my sessions with other therapists asking them to do this technique or that, and them rolling with it, here it was opposite! I could just sit back and she would know what to do to get to the core of things and healing the wound. I felt so good and playful afterwards it was awesome!

She gently guided me in my avoidance and that started a process within me of addressing parts of me that needed to be listened to and making amends and express my feelings with the people in my life.

I really needed this. Thank you, Lianne. I’ll see you soon!

Nice review! Snapshot of my profile on Sooo grateful for the wonderful results <3 <3 <3

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For years I struggled with a sense of over-responsibility in both family and work. I was aware of this by now, but did not know how to break this vicious circle. I found Lianne Nieuwland through Teal Swans’s site.

Control freak that I am (no… was!) Found it very exciting to “surrender” myself to Lianne. However, she has made it very easy for me. Lianne is a very warm, empathetic personality who radiates tranquility. Her expressive choice of words takes you naturally into the Completion Process and together we embarked on this adventure.

During the session a lot has emerged, detached and reintegrated into myself. I really feel physically lighter, as if a heavy burden has fallen off my shoulders, because I have now become complete. That overresponsibility has given way to seeing events around me, but with the lighter feeling that it is not up to me to solve it or (have to) do anything with it at all. < p> This internal calm has remained.

Gwydion (Germany)

Gwydion kept running into the same problems in relationships and was about to give up relationships altogether. We have done two Completion Process sessions.

Lianne helped me identify and change a basic problem I had in my relationships. Her intuitive talents mirrored and confirmed my own internal sensations and feelings immensely – which made me feel very firm (affirmed) and powerful (empowered)!
Some of her suggestions seemed subtle at first, but they opened the door to massive shifts in my life. I am really grateful to Lianne for the patient and compassionate guidance to make that possible! I have more self-love, self-acceptance and self-respect as a result.

After the second Completion Process:

I had another Completion Process with Lianne two days ago and it was simply AMAZING! I was able to reach and integrate some deep-seated wounds – which would not have been possible without her! Her suggestions were right on target and gave me an idea of ​​how a Completion Process could be even more powerful! What a blessing to be facilitated by her! & lt; 3

Zsuzsanna (Hungary)

Szuszanna has just unexpectedly lost one of her best friends.

Lianne offered immediate and much-needed help, right after a major trauma: losing one of my best friends in a freak accident.
I can still express my gratitude never expressing herself for her soft and unconditional presence and the sensitivity I experienced in this time blurred by raw and shock.
She was very flexible in what we did, took my lead, listened to my needs, and her guidance helped me to be able to reconnect with the world and most importantly, with myself.
Thank you, Lianne!

Iztok (Slovenia)

Not many people can help you find the root of a problem in a soft and present way. Well, I can say with certainty that Lianne can! Her empathetic nature, her big heart, and her inquiring, keen mind all made up the healing presence I was looking for. I could surrender in confidence and I could allow myself to feel, knowing I was in good hands. I felt understood, which made me move naturally in a direction where I wanted to change my dysfunctional patterns. Now I could make a conscious choice for what I wanted to create in my life, from a place of acceptance of what is. Lianne thank you for your wonderful presence. You helped me connect with mine – which is invaluable to me!

Lide (Spanish, lives in the Netherlands)

Hi Lianne, somehow I’m still under the influence of the session. It helped me connect with myself, with that injured girl. And sometimes, during the past two days, I have reconnected with her and comforted her. As a result, I feel softer towards myself … as a better friend to myself. I really liked the session, I really liked your guidance, I felt safe, warm and understood by you. I’d love to come and do it again. It is so nice to know that you are in Breda!