What a body means…

“Will you be my body?” I am asked. I shake hands with Marieke and say: “Yes, I want to be your body now”. We continue to hold hands and I close my eyes. I allow the energy of the other person's body to flow through me. As soon as I feel like that's done, I let go of her hand, open my eyes again, and begin to say:

“I really want to move, my legs are so restless. I like to move and dance. I like to laugh and dance. But I also don't dare to be very exuberant. I actually want to be even looser and more present. I feel so much energy in my body that I don't know what to do with it. Somehow I am really so afraid of that power. Out of frustration and because of the pent-up energy of: 'I have to do something, but I don't know what to do, I don't know a way out', I scratch my forehead. A kind of desperation overtakes me. I'm very ashamed of that. But i can not help it. I can't, but I just have to…”

I let the energy go and wait for something else to come. Then I continue:
“I also feel a very nice energy around my shoulders, like a warm blanket. That feels very calm and nice.”
Then Marieke asks what her body wants.
“I would like Marieke to let herself, her own energy, just as it is at any moment, come out moving and talking in front of other people. I also really like to dance to music.”

She recognizes everything I've said. The energy, the wanting to move, the panic, the locked-in feeling... And also the scratching and the shame. With tears in her eyes, she raises her bangs and I suddenly see that she has a lot of scratched pimples on her forehead. The rest of her face is flawless. I hadn't seen it, hidden under her bangs and under concealer.

This is a channeling I did during Teal Swan's workshop 'The fifth element' in Munich in October 2017.

Basically you can channel any part of yourself yourself. Or someone else can channel a part of you. That way you can have a conversation with a part of yourself. This is a super effective method, especially with inner contradictions or illnesses. Just the channeling itself brings understanding and connection. And so rest and healing.

You or I can also channel a part of you during 1-1 sessions. So that you understand that part and can re-establish an understanding and loving relationship with it. After channeling, I help you to be yourself again and not get stuck in something.

For example, parts that you and I can channel during a session include:
• your body
• your heart (called by some your inner child)
• a disease or ailment
• a spirit guide
• a physical pain
• your chakras
• an organ
• a fear
• a desire
• the fire in you
You name it…! Which part demands your attention?

By channeling, visualizing and questioning a part of you, a lot happens energetically. You form a whole new bond with that part of yourself. Effortlessly and magically, things change in you as a result. A physical complaint can disappear because you understand what it wants to tell you. A blockage can suddenly no longer be necessary, so that the energy starts flowing again. And something beautiful, which was stuck, can more than effortlessly gain space in your life.

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