Unravel the language of dreams

Have you ever woken up after a dream, and you thought:

“Wooow, that was impressive! Or scary? Or special …! I’m curious what that means?!”

And then you go online to search for the meaning of each element in your dream? And that you’ll end up being confused because no explanation really explains your dream? You are right, a general explanation is never quite correct. Because every dream is unique and the explanation should also be unique.

So how do you translate your specific dream images into a clear message? How can you understand the dynamics of dreams?

Why dreams should be translated
The story you experience in a dream cannot be explained literally. If you dream that you are flying, it does not mean that you can literally fly or start flying in an airplane. It may have to do with a sense of freedom. Or with lack of freedom when flying is tough in your dream… But then you move towards a symbolic explanation.

A dream is also not entirely symbolic. Partly yes, but not entirely. Because then an online dream dictionary would provide a complete solution. Suppose you looked up ‘flying’. It feels true that flying has to do with a feeling of freedom. You explained that very small aspect of your dream …

But you have not yet explained the bigger picture, the entire dynamics of all elements in your dream with a symbolic interpretation. Because why are you flying? Where do you fly? What do you look like yourself? Are you a bird, or still a human being What do you see happening around you while you fly? All those factors together are important in the explanation of a dream.

A dream dictionary can never explain a unique combination of elements together. Looking up piece by piece and then merging does not work either. For me that is really not enough … I like a 100% match between the dream and its interpretation. So the dream has to be translated in a different way.

A dream is a frequency match
A dream originates in the space outside our body. When we sleep we get out of our body. You could say that other ‘rules’ apply to an experience outside our body. When you sink back into your body and wake up, a series of matching images are created for the extra-physical experience. The match arises from the similarity in frequency, not from a match in a literal or symbolic sense. The dream story thus corresponds in frequency to your out-of-body experience.

The message is translates from out-of-

Channel your own dream
To understand the images in a dream, you must use a tool that functions at the same level. A tool that can work with the ‘rules’ of experiences outside our body, outside our 3d world. And that is: channeling. Or: visualize intuitively.

You can tune in to the different elements in your dream. In this way you can experience each element separately and experience the dream from each element. What is the function of me as this element? What do I want? Do I know the main character? What do I need? You can also have a conversation with another element in the dream. You are going to expand the dream story intuitively, as it were, by letting the elements live on.

Channel dreaming method
1. Relive your dream just as you dreamed it from start to finish.
2. Write down all the elements that appear in your dream. The persons / animals / entities / spaces / objects.
3. Experience the entire dream from the perspective of one of the other elements. Ask yourself (as an element) questions such as: What am I doing here? How do I feel? What do I want? What is my role in the dreamer’s life?
4. Repeat re-experiencing the dream from the perspective of all other elements too
5. Intuitively interact between the different elements
5. Allow the re-experience and interaction with all elements of the dream to allow the dream to develop further. Because by doing so you not only understand the message, but also go a step further in the process that the dream brought you. It will be a kind of family dream setup.

N.B. Every element is part of the dreamer himself. So, a dreamed friend also represents part of the dreamer himself, not that real friend in 3d life. Perhaps it is an inner child, which corresponds in frequency to the feeling you have with your real friend. 99% of dreams are about you, not about what happens in other people’s lives.

Very occasionally it happens that you see something for someone else in a dream. Then it may be a good idea to share your dream / vision with the one you have dreamed about.

From my own experience I can say that reliving a dream completely and letting it develop more is just as powerful as doing a Completion Process. Because just like a CP, it is about connecting and integrating with parts of yourself. That will cause an energetic shift! And a lot of joy and connection with an energetic layer of yourself that you otherwise don’t experience much.

Would you like to unravel the message of your dreams together? And thereby also further develop your own channelling skills? Let me know! I love working with dreams!

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