The Completion Process

I believe that you will feel energetic, happy and healthy when you do what you were born to do in life. Of course you’ll also experience ups and downs and challenges. But at your core, you feel like you can handle life. Even more: you are excited for it! The activities you choose to do, feel fitting for you. The things you eat, feed your body. Your thoughts are infused with unconditional self love. You live in the rhythm of your own system.

But sometimes the inner and outer rhythm is just not there. Sometimes for a little while or maybe for as long as you remember. Then you feel bad about things just a little too often. Something is holding you back or keeping you stagnant. Maybe it’s just a “little thing” that keeps coming back, or maybe it controls your entire day. You want to be in different space energetically, physically and mentally. But how? The Completion Process can be a magic key for you.

The Completion Process taps into the rhythm of your own system, in order for you to experience it again more fully. The process also has the capacity to resolve issues that prohibit you from feeling energetic, happy and healthy.

People often do not know consciously why they are not feeling good in their own skin. Why they keep making choices that do not fulfill them emotionally, mentally and physically. And that is just the way it is. In fact, problems never arise consciously. You don’t have to blame yourself. Issues arise because unconscious dynamics that no longer serve us want to be cleared away.

Perhaps as a child you have learned to always do things that are required or expected of you. Perhaps you have already had traumatic experiences as a baby, or in the womb… Experiences that caused you to think deep down, that you are worthless or that you should not have been alive. Or you may have temporarily discarded parts of your true self, such as parts of joy and strength, in order to survive in an unsafe environment. You can call all of this trauma. Often these traumas have happened at a young age, but very often it only starts to get the better of you at a later age. You find yourself trapped in patterns of thinking, acting and feeling that you do not want to experience any longer. Then the time is right to do something about it. To grow from it.

The Completion Process, as described by Teal Swan in her book of the same name, is a process aimed at resolving trauma and resolving conditioning. I have followed a training with her to officially do this process together with others. It is a lively process that ensures that you can bring out unconscious dynamics and transform them into life force.

Reason for a Completion Process?
• obstructing emotional and mental patterns that bother you (even when this has resulted in a “label” or a burnout)
• nightmares or other striking dreams that you want to understand and integrate
• physical complaints or illnesses that you want to understand and treat energetically
• parent, family, or relationship dynamics that bother you
• wanting to connect more with your higher self, with your inner children, with the flow of pure you, with your life intention
• interest in applying visualization to approach (unconscious) parts of yourself
• when you will do the training and have to do a session, in preparation
• difficulty feeling happy, joyful and / or playful

Because, what it brings you: More insight and connection with yourself. You get:
• insight into the origin of inner patterns
• understanding / compassion for yourself amid emotional patterns
• clear view of the (initially hidden) positive intention of your effort / burden
• renewed sense of opportunity for effortless growth from within
• more insight into the reflection from the inside to the outside: what lives in you unconsciously and what attracts you as a result of experiences (law of attraction)
• focuses on a more spiritual view of your “problem”: how does the solution to your “problem” fit with the intention for your life?
• more connection with yourself and your (spiritual) talents

What does a session look like?
Meet each other I have my practice at home. I also work online, usually through Zoom. In some circumstances I will come to you. We will first meet each other with a cup of tea, juice or water. If desired, I can tell you something about how the process works. Sometimes I will lay out a constellation of all the parts that are involved in your issue. That’ll give you a clear view and understanding of (beforehand unconscious) parts and their mental and emotional patterns. If you are curious about something, you can ask questions or tell me something that you want to share. When you are ready, you lie down, possibly under a blanket. Then I will guide you into the Completion Process. You thereby get into a meditative or slightly hypnotic state.

Course of a session
We’ll roughly go through these phases of the process:
• emotional bodywork (feeling where something is in your body and how it changes through compassionate attention)
• regression to the first memory of a pattern
• exploring and resolving the pattern in the memory
• shadow work (discovering what you don’t know that you don’t know)
• interaction and integration with your inner child (ren)
• a visualized safe haven (mental space in which you are completely safe)

Every though, the Completion Process is a clear 18-step process, it is a highly intuitive process too. Each session is completely different and unpredictable, even after many times. Because our inner parts can be mischievous or even deceiving at times, to keep up their version of life. We’ll need to navigate the dynamics of your inner world. Our “guide” is always the same: we use the wisdom and intelligence of your body (the part of you that also takes care of all unconscious body processes). Your body knows exactly what is best for you at the moment. We approach that flow of wisdom with imagination, emotional presence and logic. During the process you can tell everything you see, feel and experience. I guide you intuitively: I think along with you, I feel along with you and I look with you in your memories.

Usually a session lasts about 1.5-2 hours. Set aside at least two and a half hours for a session, just to be comfortable.

And you know, when you come to me, you don’t just come and get something. You bring me something too. And if you want, I will tell you what gift you bring me! <3

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