About me

Growth and transformation happen naturally in a space of openness, clarity and connectedness.

About Lianne

People regularly tell me that they run into things like this:
“I just keep walking around with the same things.”
“I don't know what I really want with my life. What is my life purpose?”
“I don't understand why I can't put myself in the world.”

Maybe you recognize yourself in this. That you have the feeling that you are stuck in something.

I certainly did! Not so much now, but still sometimes. I thought there was no progress in my life, not really. My core remained deeply hidden. And that made me sad and caused me to search everywhere for answers.

Until sometime in late 2015, when I saw a video (film on youtube) by Bentinho Massaro, about what an emotion actually is. He gives a very simple view on the complexity of emotions. I found that so enlightening and new that I started to look up all the concepts I knew about it to see if I could find new information about them. From that moment on, I decided that I wanted to know everything about the human system in connection with the universe and all its inhabitants. Karma, law of attraction, inner compass, ascension, spirit guides, parallel realities, unity consciousness, non-duality, alchemy, totem animals, crystals, chakras, energy work. There was so much to be found and it gave me so much knowledge and insights.

I was so excited that I was even cooking with an earpiece in to listen to Bentinho Massaro, Jeff Foster, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Abraham Hicks, Infinite Waters, Kelli Koffee, Pamela Aaralyn and Teal Swan.

Until suddenly, in the summer of 2016, I might find myself alone with two children of almost 3 and just 5. And I wasn't really earning much and we have a mortgage and what should I do? Where to live? I had no idea. I didn't even know what tomorrow would look like. That was terribly uncertain. And at the same time I felt deep inside that I could do it. ''No matter what''. It made me feel so strong all of a sudden and I made such clear and loving choices, that the whole situation very quickly landed on its feet. And even became better than ever before.

After feeling my inner strength, I felt very strongly that I wanted to work with it more. That's why I decided to sign up for the training to Completion Process Become a Certified Practitioner. With my background as a transformational coach and with my knowledge up to that point, I was hoping for a spot. Only 1 in 15 is allowed to follow the training..

And yes! Bam! After a midweek full of processes, deep connection and inner growth, I had my diploma in my hands at the beginning of November 2016.

Teal has been a really great teacher to me. She knows what people need to empower themselves. She makes the best matches to The Completion Process practice and she will be honest about anything you ask her.

What changed is that I finally got a really clear understanding of who I am, what my qualities are. The pieces fell into place. And that is why I can now safely and with great joy say that I have a transforming effect on others, while still acting from a playful heart. In a gentle, empathic and direct way. I know my spiritual abilities, my points of development and my talents. I grow in them every day. And I know that I can also help you in this process of awakening in yourself. Within you are the keys and I can help you to see those keys. Understand, heal and truly transform!

Would you like to read more about me? About my childhood, my wonderment as a child and the loneliness of being different? Read more…

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