More about Lianne

Back in the days..
I grew up on a farmhouse with a large garden in the middle of the Frisian meadows. With cows, horses and sheep in the meadows around us. I used to be a cheerful, spontaneous and open girl. I was always drawing or crafting something. That's what I really loved the most. I also loved working with horses. And I've always loved cats. I loved playing in the big garden of my parents' house with my sister two years older, two big brothers, with friends or alone.

Yet, in a way, I was also sad, even though those around me did not know that, I suppose. I know that now because I remember that I often asked myself, when I looked at adults: 'Why do they just have their eyes open? Why aren't they all crying? It's terrible here, isn't it? And during that time in Friesland, I also missed attention sometimes, I missed being seen. I sometimes laid in bed and thought: 'Suppose I were to become very ill now, then everyone would be worried, love me and come and see me all the time'.

I have always believed that more is possible than we think possible! I once sat on a carpet for fifteen minutes, because I believed I could fly on it, if I believed it enough myself. Apparently I didn't believe it? And that is correct. Yet the interest in what is invisible and especially in healing powers has always stayed with me. I always thought: healing is growing and growing is done with love. I also whistled songs on the flute for the plants in our house. A song for every plant.

After high school, after a year in Australia, and after two years of naturopathy, I studied Dutch Language and Communication at the VU Amsterdam. In the last year of this training, I completed the transformational coach training at Wagner Group / Orbis. In short, that means, in my own words, that as a coach you use the dynamics of the conversation between coach and client to of the client with his 'situation', in order to bring insight and light into it.
Since Nov 2016 I am a Certified Practitioner Completion Process!

Studio Zwaluw
Because I wanted to work as a coach after the coaching training, I founded Studio Zwaluw. Still, I didn't dare. I started doing more writing and communication stuff. And soon I had two children, I was offered easy and well-paying work and so the coaching adventure was put on hold for a while. But now it's back! The 'work' as a coach, as a conscious grower, as a spiritual creative, it really feels like a present that I had forgotten to unwrap and that is now more beautiful than ever.

Speaking of gifts, did you know that every encounter can be a gift? I really want to meet you and discover together what the gift is from our meeting.

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