Especially in this time, in 2021, many are confronted with confusing or incorrect information, survival measures and opposing interests of others. How do you know what someone’s intention is? How do you know whether or not you should do something yourself? How can you remain flexible, soft ánd strong in the midst of the violence of opinions, information and interests? How do you stay true to yourself?

Because, when we, as a group of people, fail to tap into our own truth, we are easily influenced and controlled from the outside. This happens in a way that is not always good for life in ourselves and others. It limits us as a group, just as a life based on lies and inner conflict limits an individual flow of joy and fulfillment.

In my practice I teach people to deal clearly with all types of emotions, energies, intentions and inner divisions (such as inner splits caused by trauma).

My only goal is to find the flow of feeling and knowing what is right for you personally. So that you can make your choices in a space of freedom. Choices that really suit you and that express your essence. Choices that are good for the life of yourself, others and everything beyond.

In order to find that flow of truth, sometimes it is not enough to just know that you have this flow somewhere inside of you. Sometimes we must dive into the parts of us that are keeping us from that same flow. Parts that are stuck in past trauma’s, parts that keep acting in downward spiraling emotional patterns or parts that keep us in positions in life where we don’t really want to be any longer. The Completion Process in a very powerful inner journey to dive into those patterns and to step out of it, so that you naturally grow further in freedom.

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My name is Lianne Nieuwland, Completion Process Certified Practitioner, transformation coach, writer and draftsman. It is my greatest joy to be there when someone illuminates his/her life story. It’s so beautiful when someone pulls the wrinkles out of their jacket and walks on with a smile.