The power of visualization

Can you visualize?
Some people doubt whether they can visualize well enough to work with it. Sometimes people also doubt whether a Completion Process does work. For example, they cannot literally see something in front of them. Or there is a big void in which nothing seems to be able to arise (emptiness is also something you can move on with!). Or people doubt whether it is true, what they see before them, so that they constantly reject their images. But really: everyone can visualize. And every image is valuable. Not necessarily true, but valuable.

A visualization experiment
Just imagine an elephant. And now let the elephant walk somewhere. Where is he walking? Are there mountains or grassland? Are there more elephants around him? What is the elephant doing there? Is there water? What kind of plants do you see in your imagination? Is the sky blue or are there clouds?
Do you find that your imagination, your imagination, gives you answers to these questions? A scene is created and by asking questions and dwelling in it, more details are added.

(If this experiment does not work, and if you would like to visualize, you can do it with me. Then it will certainly work!)

Influence of images on your body
Your body reacts to all your mental images, such as when your mouth waters when you think about food. Or the way you got scared as a kid, when you thought there was a burglar in your house or that there was a monster under your bed.

Your body also reacts to images that you literally see in the world or that you see in a movie or on the news. The images you see make you think something about it, feel something about it. It affects you. So what you see, the story you make of it, is subjective. Your response to stories is subjective. Because you always put your own story over it. That's totally fine. It's about getting to know the story as you create it. You can gain insight into the way your system works and how you can interact with it, so that it also gives a flow of joy and fulfillment.

Influence your story
We all have our life story. And the way we tell that story to ourselves affects how our entire system is. If your story matches who you really are, you will feel good and energized. Then you will do things that you simply love to do. You take on the challenges with confidence in yourself and your abilities.
But if the story no longer suits you, you will end up in patterns that you do not want. You won't feel good about it. For example, if you keep repeating that you are a burden to others, that you are too much or too busy, you will always experience fear when you tell someone about yourself. The fear is, as it were, a signal that something wants your attention. That there are beliefs and a vision of your situation that no longer suits you.
Visualization allows you to sit in this situation, give it attention and work with it. That way you change the story, the pattern and therefore your life story. Visualization is a means to recreate your life instead of mainly reacting to patterns that do not serve you.

Visualizing as the language of your still unconscious self
Visualizing is a powerful method to get to know and change your own system of thinking, feeling and wanting even better. It allows you to dwell in your past, to understand or resolve things. With it you can feel in the present where you are now and what your next step can be. so you can discover your own potential. You can also dwell in the future with it, perhaps to bridge the past, present and possible future. A future you create! Like a common thread in your life. There really is an infinite number of possibilities to use visualization.

Visualization in the Completion Process
In the Completion Process Visualization is also used, namely active visualization. This means that you do not follow a visualization that has already been devised, but that you create a visual story from your own system. Let's get started with that! For that stream of images is a stream of creative, intelligent and healing life force. Your own system works flawlessly and has all the solutions ready for you.

With this form of active visualization you are, as it were, clearing and reorganizing your inner house. Get rid of what no longer belongs. You put down what is not harmonious. Whatever else is allowed, you take home. This creates space for the flow of 'pure you'.

And that 'pure you', with all that you are, wish me everyone!

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