Free yourself from deep, unconscious patterns

Did you know that there is ALWAYS a positive intention hidden under any ‘negative’ feeling or behavior? It does not need to feel positive, but the intention is positive.

Yesterday, Wietse and I had Erik over. He will join our new mentorship program. (I’ll tell you more about that soon.)

All kinds of small events made Erik feel restless again and again. That meant that he could not really be present in the moment. He suffered from it every day. There were also enough reasons for us to experience unrest. He let himself be distracted by our cat coming in. He was confused by a “speck of energy” that went from me to him. In the middle of a conversation, his thoughts suddenly turned to a friend of his. This also made him restless. The restlessness flared up all the time. It was never completely gone.

You should know that Erik is super sensitive to energies and is quite clairvoyant, clairvoyant and clairvoyant. He would love to learn to live with those sensitivities and be able to use them. Not necessarily as a job, but simply to give that part of himself a joyful place in his life. To be able to share it with others. But that unrest got in his way quite a bit.

Maybe you think: he can just accept his anxiety? Then he will no longer be bothered by it! And yes, it is possible, but only if the choice to accept the unrest is 100% authentic. Otherwise it just won’t work. In any case, this does not work for Erik, because it is not authentic for him. His anxiety calls for a new, conscious insight into something. As long as that growth does not take place, the unrest will continue to ripple and scramble.

Erik wants to experience peace and quiet. It’s a real wish! And where there is a wish, there is a way, isn’t there? Yesterday we immediately started working on the (dis) rest.

We entered a short process, the reason being that Erik felt restless when he thought about a girlfriend. I have called this process ‘The Splash’. It goes like this:

Starting point (situation / dynamics & feeling) of Erik: “I think about that friend and it makes me feel restless.” (-)

Me: “What is the positive intention to feel restless?”

Erik: “I can focus because of the unrest.” (+)

Me: What is your negative belief about ‘focusing’?

Erik: “When I’m not focused, I make up things that aren’t there.” (-)

Me: “What is the positive intention of that thought?”

Erik: “It makes me trust more in what I experience and receive.” (+)

Me: “What is your negative belief about what you are experiencing and receiving?”

Erik: “I allow in too many energies, which makes me feel empty.” (-)

Me: “What’s the positive intention of ‘letting in too many energies, making you feel empty?”

Erik: “I help others with it.” (+)

Me: “What is your negative belief about ‘helping others’?”

Erik: “Helping others is always at my expense.” (-)

Me: “Was the positive intention for that to happen?”

Erik: “Letting others use me like this gives me a good feeling.” (+)

Me: “What is your negative belief about things that make you feel good?”

Erik: “My good feeling comes at the expense of others. I need others for it.” (-)

Me: “What is your positive intention to depend on others to feel good?”

Erik: “I would like to be loved and experience connection.” (+)

Bang, it all falls into place. Suddenly there is peace and serenity in the room. We look at each other with a smile.

Being loved and experiencing connection are basic needs. Every underlined phrase in the layers we’ve gone through is a deep need. They are very general needs that everyone can fulfill in their own way.

This part of the process is very simple, as you can see. You keep asking about positive intentions about negative things and about negative beliefs about positive things. In this way you walk a deeply ingrained groove of repetitive experiences in your subconscious. The relaxation that arises is wonderful. The ‘repeat groove’ is almost resolved now.

If you have done this part of the ‘De Splash’ process, there is a second part. In the second part, all negative beliefs can now be easily let go and all positive intentions may be allowed. It goes like this:

Make sure you are connected to Source and Middle Earth. Imagine an energy channel going down from your heart to Middle Earth, then back to you, up through you, to Source, the field of infinite possibilities. Piece by piece, look for the energy of every negative belief, in or around your body. Thank each energy and discharge it up or down. Just look which way it wants to go.

Then you search in and around you for the energy of every positive intention. One by one, thank the energy and invite it to flow fully into you and to empathize with you. With each energy say, “I am grateful and happy that you are here.” To go all the way up, you can finish this sentence a few times: “I’m so grateful and happy that … (fill in it)” If you’ve done that a dozen or so times, you probably feel ” on top of the world ‘. That is also allowed sometimes right ?? !! Enjoy for a while.

This is ‘The Splash’, a very light method to dive to the bottom of your subconscious and to get rid of deep, unconscious patterns.

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