Free workshop 'Align yourself with your mission

“I want to do something that I like to put my energy into. Something that also gives me new energy. Something in which I can fully express myself and at the same time continue to learn endlessly? Something I would like to do and can do. Something I believe I already have in me to do immediately (or very soon).”

Does this also sound like music to your ears?

Then this workshop is definitely for you!

We will connect, imagine, brainstorm, recognize challenges and do tuning exercises. So that you take a firm step on the path of your mission.

Join the fun!

Current dates/times and registration options can be found on my Facebook page of Studio Zwaluw and here on Eventbrite.

Completion Circle – (for existing customers)
Weekly meetings about growing and thriving together.

Keep renewing yourself in a group of like-minded people.

We clarify what is on the table. Also with personal problems/challenges. Because in enlightened consciousness we can grow and flourish together.

“I'm so glad we're doing these meetings! It gives me the feeling of being able to really be together.”

Online meetings are once a month on Friday 19:30-21:30
Current dates/times can be found on my Facebook page of Studio Zwaluw and here on Eventbrite.

One year course in spiritual leadership.

Also learn to help others to be in alignment.

Discover how you let your (spiritual) talents flow from alignment, attuned to your Being.
Connect with others, to help others to be in alignment as well.

read here all about this training.

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