Channeling positive potential Corona

Yesterday I was musing a bit about the corona virus. About its impact on our daily lives, about world powers involved, about my children just going to school ..

At one point a jolt of joy went through me. I suddenly wondered what the positive desire is that arises in the collective due to the corona virus.

Because I know, also by having already done a lot of completion processes and having already channeled a lot of different energies and by having picked out a lot of obstructing patterns, that every ‘negative’ event carries a positive potential. No matter how dark something is and how bad the conscious intention can be.

There is always the potential for positive growth, for consciousness expansion, and for a flow of compassion. Going with the flow instead of trying to row against the tide.

So I went to channel that positive collective desire. And, what I felt and thought then, that was completely new to me in the Corona story.

This is how the channeling went:

“I feel a very pleasant lightness and a moving, sparkling energy. I see that energy as something pale yellow, soft and fresh, with bright white and silver shimmer tips and mother-of-pearl swirls.

In the flow of that energy I automatically follow all ideas, everything I really want to do from my heart. Just because it feels good. Playful and joyful. I feel connected to everyone, all energies outside of me and I know my place in the world. I feel free. There is no need for obstacles, no protection, no fear. I know there is some kind of crippling blanket of protection and restriction, but I’m flying above it or something. It has no grip on me. I feel free from all imposed rules. I feel very resilient and strong. I feel a very flexible, always finding its way, optimistic flow from which I can act. ”

It felt so right and beautiful to feel this energy that I want to ask you to make contact with it as well. I wish more people to know that something serious like the corona virus also creates a dormant positive force in the collective. This makes it easier for every individual to make contact with and live out of it.

You could perhaps make a piece of paper with ‘positive desire that can be felt in the collective’. Then insist on channeling it yourself ..! Or simply with your intention: ask your body and consciousness to experience this energy. Tune in.

I would love to hear what you feel and experience. We can all contribute to make translating that energy even more complete!

Whether you get sick or not in the coming days / weeks, I wish you to feel this flow of potential of unobstructed joyful, rippling energy in the collective.

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