“Will you be my body?” I am asked. I shake hands with Marieke and say: “Yes, I want to be your body now”. We continue to hold hands and I close my eyes. I allow the energy of the other person's body to flow through me. As soon as I feel like that's done, I let go of her hand, open my eyes again, and begin to say:

“I really want to move, my legs are so restless. I like to move and dance. I like to laugh and dance. But I also don't dare to be very exuberant. I actually want to be even looser and more present. I feel so much energy in my body that I don't know what to do with it. Somehow I am really so afraid of that power. Out of frustration and because of the pent-up energy of: 'I have to do something, but I don't know what to do, I don't know a way out', I scratch my forehead. A kind of desperation overtakes me. I'm very ashamed of that. But i can not help it. I can't, but I just have to…”

I let the energy go and wait for something else to come. Then I continue:
“I also feel a very nice energy around my shoulders, like a warm blanket. That feels very calm and nice.”
Then Marieke asks what her body wants.
“I would like Marieke to let herself, her own energy, just as it is at any moment, come out moving and talking in front of other people. I also really like to dance to music.”

She recognizes everything I've said. The energy, the wanting to move, the panic, the locked-in feeling... And also the scratching and the shame. With tears in her eyes, she raises her bangs and I suddenly see that she has a lot of scratched pimples on her forehead. The rest of her face is flawless. I hadn't seen it, hidden under her bangs and under concealer.

This is a channeling I did during Teal Swan's workshop 'The fifth element' in Munich in October 2017.

Basically you can channel any part of yourself yourself. Or someone else can channel a part of you. That way you can have a conversation with a part of yourself. This is a super effective method, especially with inner contradictions or illnesses. Just the channeling itself brings understanding and connection. And so rest and healing.

You or I can also channel a part of you during 1-1 sessions. So that you understand that part and can re-establish an understanding and loving relationship with it. After channeling, I help you to be yourself again and not get stuck in something.

For example, parts that you and I can channel during a session include:
• your body
• your heart (called by some your inner child)
• a disease or ailment
• a spirit guide
• a physical pain
• your chakras
• an organ
• a fear
• a desire
• the fire in you
You name it…! Which part demands your attention?

By channeling, visualizing and questioning a part of you, a lot happens energetically. You form a whole new bond with that part of yourself. Effortlessly and magically, things change in you as a result. A physical complaint can disappear because you understand what it wants to tell you. A blockage can suddenly no longer be necessary, so that the energy starts flowing again. And something beautiful, which was stuck, can more than effortlessly gain space in your life.

Can you visualize?
Some people doubt whether they can visualize well enough to work with it. This sometimes makes people doubt whether a Completion Process actually works. For example, they cannot literally see something in front of them. Or there is a big void in which nothing seems to be able to arise (emptiness is also something you can move on with!). Or people doubt whether it is true, what they see before them, so that they constantly reject their images. But really: everyone can visualize. And every image is valuable. Not necessarily true, but valuable.

A visualization experiment
Just imagine an elephant. And now let the elephant walk somewhere. Where is he walking? Are there mountains or grassland? Are there more elephants around him? What is the elephant doing there? Is there water? What kind of plants do you see in your imagination? Is the sky blue or are there clouds?
Do you find that your imagination, your imagination, gives you answers to these questions? A scene is created and by asking questions and dwelling in it, more details are added.

(If this experiment does not work, and if you would like to visualize, you can do it with me. Then it will certainly work!)

Influence of images on your body
Your body reacts to all your mental images, such as when your mouth waters when you think about food. Or the way you got scared as a kid, when you thought there was a burglar in your house or that there was a monster under your bed.

Your body also reacts to images that you literally see in the world or that you see in a movie or on the news. The images you see make you think something about it, feel something about it. It affects you. So what you see, the story you make of it, is subjective. Your response to stories is subjective. Because you always put your own story over it. That's totally fine. It's about getting to know the story as you create it. You can gain insight into the way your system works and how you can interact with it, so that it also gives a flow of joy and fulfillment.

Influence your story
We all have our life story. And the way we tell that story to ourselves affects how our entire system is. If your story matches who you really are, you will feel good and energized. Then you will do things that you simply love to do. You take on the challenges with confidence in yourself and your abilities.
But if the story no longer suits you, you will end up in patterns that you do not want. You won't feel good about it. For example, if you keep repeating that you are a burden to others, that you are too much or too busy, you will always experience fear when you tell someone about yourself. The fear is, as it were, a signal that something wants your attention. That there are beliefs and a vision of your situation that no longer suits you.
Visualization allows you to sit in this situation, give it attention and work with it. That way you change the story, the pattern and therefore your life story. Visualization is a means to recreate your life instead of mainly reacting to patterns that do not serve you.

Visualizing as the language of your still unconscious self
Visualizing is a powerful method to get to know and change your own system of thinking, feeling and wanting even better. It allows you to dwell in your past, to understand or resolve things. With it you can feel in the present where you are now and what your next step can be. so you can discover your own potential. You can also dwell in the future with it, perhaps to bridge the past, present and possible future. A future you create! Like a common thread in your life. There really is an infinite number of possibilities to use visualization.

Visualization in the Completion Process
Visualization is also used in the Completion Process, namely active visualization. This means that you do not follow a visualization that has already been devised, but that you create a visual story from your own system. Let's get started with that! For that stream of images is a stream of creative, intelligent and healing life force. Your own system works flawlessly and has all the solutions ready for you.

With this form of active visualization you are, as it were, clearing and reorganizing your inner house. Get rid of what no longer belongs. You put down what is not harmonious. Whatever else is allowed, you take home. This creates space for the flow of 'pure you'.

And that 'pure you', with everything you are, I wish everyone!

I had a lot of bladder infections as a child. Other than that I didn't like to drink, there was no physical cause for the bladder symptoms. When I was about five years old, I had to go to the hospital to have my bladder examined. Whether I peed out completely.. So my mother and I went to the hospital. I had to urinate twice for the examination. Stop half way and then continue. Ok I get it. I had to lie on a table, with my buttocks on a kind of small car tire, naked, legs wide and then the doctor put a tube in my urethra. What?! Is that possible? Damn, how bad does that feel! I stiffen in my entire responsiveness. I actually want to run away, but I suppress and freeze myself not to. Why am I lying here alone and why is my mother far away behind glass?

They let fluid drip into my bladder from a hanging pouch. I had to indicate when I felt I had to pee. After a while I suddenly had a need. The doctor took the tube out and I peed everything out. That wasn't the intention, but luckily it didn't have to happen again. “It doesn't matter that you've peed all the way through. You did well," they said. "How so? Well done? Didn't I have to pee half and then completely?"

Before I started looking into trauma, I didn't know that such an experience was called trauma. In the meantime I have experienced that this is the case. I still regularly come back to this hospital scene, when I wonder where a pattern originated. It really was a cluster of traumas for me: intimate parts exposed and pierced by a strange man, not doing it right, mother far away behind glass, no understanding of what I really needed.

During a Completion Process I completely changed the dynamics of the situation. In my imagination there was no need for any investigation at all. I effectively got rid of the doctor and the hospital, which gave me a strong sense of personal power. I visualized a new mother to myself, who understood that I needed warm closeness to warm my cold bladder. My imagination healed this pattern in all its facets and it feels very different now. The memory gives me a different feeling, peace, understanding and strength have come into the story. That's the wonder of your visualization!

Everyone has been traumatized to some degree, even if you look back on a happy childhood. There have always been times when you felt rejected, when you were alone and fell hard and there was no one to help you, when your parents were suddenly very angry at you or at each other and you didn't understand it, you did you feel powerless or just a little too much for your parents..

All these kinds of experiences leave traces. It is a mild form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD). It makes you fall into the same patterns over and over again. Or that you always have certain physical complaints.

In principle, that's not a bad thing at all. It has made you who you are and that is, from a certain perspective, absolutely perfect. But PTSD or negative patterns do prevent you from living life to the fullest. Especially if you are sure that you have PTSD because you have experienced war, rape, neglect or something similarly traumatic.

In all cases, The Completion Process shows you where the cause of your current oppressive emotional and physical patterns comes from and right in the process you turn these patterns into a healthy flow of new life energy.

Instead of avoiding traumas, deal with them in a safe environment. You are now safe. If you step out for a while, you're safe. No matter what! The amazing thing is, you can even feel safe about not feeling safe.

Trauma always has multiple layers and multiple aspects, so sequential processes are like peeling layers off an onion. You gradually get closer to the core and as you approach that core, you get more and more of your life energy back. In most cases, one Completion Process is enough to bring about a major, liberating change in a given dynamic.

wow! That was a wonderful dream! Jeez, too bad I woke up… I wish I could have ridden that horse longer!!

Do you know that? That your dreams are so great that you want to dream longer? Or that you can wonderfully disappear into daydreams, in which you experience all kinds of things? Or is it the other way around for you? Do you mainly have annoying dreams where you are just glad that you are awake again?

The impact of dreams
Dreams can have quite an impact. Even on how you feel during the day. Positive or negative. Do you have that too? Do you ever wonder what it all means? Dreams are a great way to make your subconscious aware! To discover aspects you don't know about yourself yet!

The message of dreams
The message of a dream is always positive and empowering. Even when the dream images are fearful or annoying. Even with nightmares. I've never experienced it any other way 🙂 And I've also had really bad dreams, where I was bitten by wolves, where I was shot with a gun, or the light just didn't work and there was something nearby! Then I woke up with my heart in my throat. Kadengkadengkadeng.. Yet the hidden message always gave me strength.

You, and no one else, know what your dream means
Let me tell you something: no one knows what your dream means better than you! I describe how you discover the meaning of your dream be here. Very briefly: you relive the dream from the main elements that occur in the dream. I'll give you an example.

My superpower horse dream!
This is one of my sweetest dreams with the channeled hidden message in it.

“I am standing on a large rectangular shape, a bit like a sofa, dark brown, soft, about two meters high. I am a girl with medium length blond hair, about 5 years old. I don't really know how to get there, so high.
What's around me? A kind of indoor arena of a riding school. There is sand in the room and the room is closed off by a wooden ceiling and walls, as you would expect in a riding school. Further in the arena are a number of horses. Wow, very big horses! They are a bit hidden in the fog, but I can see that they are dark brown and they are very big. Their heads are an entire arm's length.
One of the horses is looking at me now and it scares me. He is so big and his energy is just as great. For a moment I stand transfixed on my platform. At the same time I feel an immense peace and love coming from the beautiful black eyes of the horse. Wow, so friendly, SO friendly… unbelievable. My heart relaxes. The horse is now slowly walking towards me until it is right in front of me. I reach out my hand and gently stroke his nose. Which is also really big! My hands seem so small… Then I pet him all over and hug him. What a sweet animal!
Then he asks me if I want to take a ride on his back? Yes I want to. And immediately I sit on his broad back. Again I am amazed that the horse is so big. Its back is so wide that I can sit on it very comfortably.
He starts to walk, we are now outside in a forest. At first I sometimes slump to the side because of his quiet rocking movements. Then I have to put myself back in the middle again. A little later I sit more firmly and I feel one with the broad back. The horse now also speeds up and trots through the woods. How wonderful that is! Then we canter over a grassy landscape with here and there a tree. I sit firmly, as if I am one with the horse. We're going really fast with those big horse legs! Then we are back in the forest. I sometimes bend to the side or bend over to the leafy branches. We're stepping now. Then we are back in the riding school, in the indoor arena. I get off the horse's back. I'm back on the soft platform. The horse I wake up.”

This is the whole dream. Then I'm going to re-dream the dream from the perspective of the most important elements: the horse, the arena and the platform. I am going to channel those elements, to discover their character and meaning.

Horse's perspective:
“I feel big, strong and immensely calm. I am tall! I belong to a big horse family. I am surrounded by my family. I am all love and rest. My hooves are firmly on the ground. My body is big. I move easily, effortlessly even. My movements are calm and accurate. My mind, my mind feels clear, calm and 'soft'. As if my head inside is soft and clear.
I see a little girl standing on a soft, brown thing ahead of me. What a sweet girl! I know she doesn't know what she's doing there, on that platform. she does not know how to get there or where she will go. She looks around a bit. Her body is not quite straight, but her shoulders are bent slightly forward. I do want to go to her. Contact. She sees me looking at her. She looks a bit scared. I stand for a moment. Then she no longer looks anxious, more curious. I walk towards her. When I stand in front of her, she strokes my nose. A nice little, fresh hand strokes my entire head. Delicious! I rejoice at this contact and feel my heart become happy and playful. Shall we drive? I ask her telepathically. She immediately sits on my back. Such a light person! First walk carefully through the forest. Every now and then I feel her push aside. Then she pulls back to the center by my mane. When I feel that she is sitting firmly and moving with my movements, I start walking faster. Trotting, galloping, we leave the narrower path of the forest behind us. Now we are almost flying through a grassy landscape. After a while I go back through the forest, to the riding school. The girl is back on the platform. I'm back with my family. The girl doesn't see me anymore. I know she will never forget me.”

Perspective of the platform:
“I'm standing here, but I have no idea what I'm doing here. Really no idea. All I know is that I put that little girl on top of me and that's the point. But why, I don't know. I just used one arm (which I apparently have) and put the girl on top of me. Hop! That's that.
I see the horse's legs coming towards me. But I can't see what else is happening up there. I can't see anything up there. The horse and the girl are gone for a while. Then they are back. The girl is on top of me again.”

Perspective of the inner box:
“I sit in the ridge of the ceiling and the whole tank is my body. I envelop everything. All I can do is watch and I feel like I don't belong on the scene. Nobody sees me here. I see the girl standing far away below me on the platform. I see the horse walking towards it. I see the girl and the horse go for a ride, get out of the arena. I can't go, because it feels like a balloon is pressed against my stomach that is holding me back. I have to stay up here. I actually want to be closer and join the ride. Because actually I can fly. I believe that."

Now there is an interaction between the elements of the dream. The story continues.. It lives on and shows its healing power.
What is the balloon holding you back?
I don't belong above. that balloon is the feeling that I don't belong. That I'm not seen. I have to stay up here and watch, without being allowed to do anything. Oh, now the horse looks up and the girl sees me too. The balloon disappears and I float down. I am a kind of creature of air in the sky. I have flowing wings, as if they keep growing and disappearing into the air. Like an endless stream. I go with the horse and the girl on their ride. The horse occasionally looks up and nods 'yeah!!' and I fly playfully around them myself. For a moment I fly above them again, then suddenly in a leaf, where I see all kinds of green streams and water in green bubbles. Then I fly next to the horse's head. I feel playful and free. I can change into anything, if I want to. I like the girl on the back. Oh endlessly I love them. When we're back in jail, I'll stay close to the girl. I sit down on the platform, right next to her. In her almost.

Then suddenly I'm the platform and the 'sky angel' is sitting on me. And the girl is on me, just after the ride. Now I suddenly know what I've done. I lifted the girl up, so she could look the horse in the eye. Oh, that was my job. Of course! Now I was a soft big platform, but I suddenly know that I can also be a hard wooden platform. I can be a flying log. Or a large plate that lifts several people. I suddenly see a globe in front of me, with all platforms, everywhere, among all people. And I feel connected to all those platforms. Platforms are going up everywhere to lift people up. It makes me laugh, that image of a globe full of bouncing platforms of all shapes and sizes. Pinch, Pinch! The horse gives me a hug with his big head.

What a great dream! And all the elements are parts of me. Ever since I worked out this dream in this way, I am aware of this wonderful trinity:
• The horse with his unconditional love
• The platform with its feeling of connection and trust
• The sky angel with her playfulness and changeability
A kind of trinity of emotional states: unconditional love, trust and playfulness.

Have you also had a dream or a vision, which may point out your magical abilities or feeling states? You will be pleasantly surprised! Use this method (link opens blog Tip about understanding dreams).

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