Advanced energy work fully shown

I just want to throw this method out there today: the Process of Disentanglement.

The Process of Disentanglement is designed to untangle yourSelf from energies that you no longer need. It is a great tool to help you manifest a joyful life!
Part of the process is Shadow Work, part of it is raising your vibration to become a match to what you want.

You can use the Process of Disentanglement to explore any energy that you want to explore. For example, to explore resistance to something you really want. Or to explore parts of you that are keeping your from experiencing freedom, happiness, satisfaction, achievement, connection…! Any opposing/blocking energy 🙂

I show you how to do the Process of Disentanglement in the video. I wish for you to feel my energy shifting during this video. And I wish for you to be able to shift your own energy too, by applying this profound technique.

Just so you understand the steps in the video better, I’ll list them here in writing too:

1. Connect
2a. Either: Tell yourself a positive statement, like ‘I am happy and grateful’ and watch your energy respond. Work with that energy.
2b. Or: Ask yourself a question, like:
– ‘Where is the energy in my system that wants my attention?’
– ‘Where in my system is my biggest resistance?’
– ‘Where in my system is the energy I best work with today?’
– ‘Where in me is the energy opposed to/in resistance to … (something you want)
Or any other question that you want to explore.
3. Tune into the energy, tell it that you’re willing to be with it completely. (I do NOT say this in the video, but it is a good thing to do.) Talk to it, find out what it causes you to believe, how it causes you to feel about yourself and the world…
4. Find out the origin of the energy. Maybe you already get flaskbacks? Ask your system about the origin: did it come to you through your father’s family line, your mother’s family line, past incarnations, local environment (where you grew up), your county/culture or other influential people in your life? If needed, ask: ‘How many incarnations/generations back did this energy come into existence?
5. Imagine the person who first experienced this same energy and tell him/her that you understand.
6. Allow the energy in this person to dissolve/transform into neutral source’s energy by saying ‘transfigurate’ to the energy.
7. Tell the person as a whole this formula (H’oponopono), ‘I am sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you.’ Take time to feel the energetic response of relief at each part of this formula.
8. Work your way through generations/incarnations to end up saying those four sentences ‘I am sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you’ to yourself.
9. Work on other energies that you feel, until you feel it is enough for now.
10. Finish the sentence: ‘I am so happy and grateful that….’ as many times as you can. Burst out in gratitude, laughing, crying, jumping up and down, running, cheering… Doesn’t matter.

Allow this powerful stream of gratefulness to flow through every personal experience. Because everyone deserves to go through shit and everyone deserves to enjoy high frequencies too. You can have both, because you are able to hold space for all of yourself.

If you have questions or have trouble doing this and wanna learn more about it, get in touch through e-mail: lianne at studiozwaluw dot nl.

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