Practice for emotional bodywork, Completion Process (healing journey), connection with your Self, systemic work (constellations), shadow work and holistic energy work.

There is nothing that has helped me so much to experience happiness and freedom, as:
• to learn to feel what is really true for me personally and for someone else
• learn to deal with all kinds of energies (all layers of emotions, physical and mental processes, all kinds of sensitivities, influences and dimensions)
• get to know and use my high sensitivity and spiritual gifts!

What gives me the greatest joy of this is actually very simple: using my talents freely. Be myself. To let myself grow and flourish in freedom. Also together, with others.

In my practice I therefore teach people to gain clarity about and to deal with all kinds and sizes of emotions, energies, influences, intentions and with inner divisions (such as inner divisions caused by trauma).

My only goal is to find together the flow of feeling and knowing what is right for you. So that you can make your choices in a space of freedom. Choices that really suit you and that express your essence. Choices that are good for the lives of yourself, others and everything beyond.

In order to find that stream of truth, it is sometimes not enough just to know that you have this stream within you somewhere. Sometimes we have to dive into the parts of ourselves that keep us out of that same flow. Parts that are stuck in past traumas, parts that continue to act in downward moving emotional patterns or parts that keep us in positions in life where we no longer want to be. The Completion Process is a very powerful inner journey to dive into those patterns and step out of them, so that you naturally grow in freedom.

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  • Also in this time I would like to receive you in my practice at home, maximum 1 per day. It is also possible to meet online. See you soon!

My name is Lianne Nieuwland, Completion Process Certified Practitioner, transformation coach, mother, writer and artist. It is my greatest joy to be there when someone enlightens their life story. I think it's so beautiful when someone pulls the wrinkles out of his jacket and walks on with a smile.

Lianne is a specialist in feeling and understanding all emotional layers and their mental thought game, in communicating with inner children, in energy work and in listening honestly to yourSelf.

What 'working' with me gives you:
Together we investigate your way to 'being present in freedom' in your life. This is roughly the way:
• insight into the origin of inner patterns
• understanding/compassion for yourself in the midst of emotional patterns
• clear view of the (at first hidden) positive intention of your effort/burden
• renewed sense of possibilities for effortless growth from within
• more insight into the reflection from the inside out: what lives unconsciously in you and what you therefore attract to you through experiences (law of attraction)
• adopt a more spiritual view of your 'problem': how does the solution of your 'problem' fit with the intention for your life?
• more connection with yourself and your (spiritual) talents

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