swarm swallows…wings of creativity, wings of love, wings of happiness, wings of joy

Do you spread your wings? Are you flying?

Do you want to learn how you can no longer see resistance and (un)consious blocking patterns as difficult obstacles, but rather as road signs and catalysts?

Would you like to be more selfloving? For yourself but also for everybody around you? Would you like to get a better insight in your relationships with others?

I am a Transformation Coach (degree from Wagner Group/Orbis) and a Completion Process Certified Practitioner. (Find out about The Completion Process of Teal Swan.)

Some area’s of the ‘work’ we do in a 1-1 session: belief work (shadow work), emotional body work, visualisation, association, inner child work, explore points of attraction, dream work, energy work. All fluidly used guided by The Completion Process and our own intuition.

Gwydion Blackrose a week after 1 session:

“Lianne helped me to identify a core issue I had in my relationships and assisted me to change it. Her intuitive abilities greatly mirrored and confirmed my own internal sensations and feelings – which felt really affirming and empowering! Some of her suggestions seemed subtle at first, but opened the door to great shifts within my life! I’m really grateful to Lianne for patiently and compassionately assisting me to make that happen! I’m more self-loving, self-accepting and self-respecting as a result.”

IMG_4878Feel at home in your own skin!

Make an appointment to get to know each other. Or use the booking module.
Mail me at lianne@studiozwaluw.nl or send a message to +31 64 55 363 79. An introduction and/or sessions through Skype is also possible (liannebroekman).

When will you feel the power of your wings?